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The sight of two impala rams fighting inside a widely scattered circle of ewes and charging each other like jousting knightsthe ferocity of the combat and the ugly grunting noiseswould forever destroy, for movie-bred children, the sentimental Disney image of the doe in a dingle. Pulling each other outside again, to the ozone of the street, we ask the direction to Rio from an old man sitting on the curb, piping on a penny fife and singing a melancholy saudade. Malissianos, a young man with the dark eyes, olive skin, black hair and beard, and the allure of a Byzantine Pantocrator, is a dazzling performer, both to listen to and to watch, although his gestures are simple: whether raising. And some objects attract simply by virtue of their contemporaneity to us: a Las Vegas gaming board, for instance; and a carpenter's kit complete with levelers, plumb lines, T squares, rules. When we reenter the city, the sun is low, and life has returned to the streets. Removing and shaking his earphoneshis only "gear"he tells me, in sign language, that the radio is out of order and that to land without it in El Paso is unthinkable.  previous page page_285 next page   previous page page_286 next page  Page 286 Next came a shoulder of lamb with green beans prepared with almonds and cold stuffed hearts of artichoke. Auden for dinner, in top, even euphoric form, dispensing much needed shots of mental B12.

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The duet between Cardillac and the Gold Merchant contains the best instrumental idea in the score, the trio for violin, viola, and piano. Is choked with emotion. Asks the Chinese for "good-bye but he says Bye-bye' is all we know." We hire three rickshaws and bump alongside buses, trolleys, automobiles, and pedestriansChinese, Indians, British civil servants, tourists, beggars, porters with yokes, women with head-loads. One of his hobbies is making picture frames, for which he has had a diamond glasscutter built to his specifications. During the flight to Paris, the clouds break suddenly as we are over Evian, and we can make out the Hotel Royale. Protests when the Pope appears on the balcony, and the crowd applauds and holds up its bambini: "These people are an audience at a spectacle, not communicants in a ceremony. By the Nettuno, the Palazzo di Podestà,. Is back in decimalsystem reality. At 21:35, a prompt thirty-five minutes late,.S. previous page page_414 next page previous page page_415 next page Page 415 piece) is present.* But officialdom is always conservative, and a guest.S.'s stature could hardly expect to escape. Finally, eight weeks late,.S. Nabokov and Patricia are already there, and Balanchine who, with Auden, follows the score over.S.'s shoulder at the piano. And Bernard Shaw were present: "I rather fancy you may have forgotten a little incident outside the door of the little café at the entrance to the stage door of the Lyric Theater. More amusing for onlookers are the "in drag" antics of a great muscular creature in a green beret and a woman's fur boa. I emerge thinking about Verdi's "Progress could be in the reverse direction." I think about it, with rapidly diminishing interest, until.M., at which hour girls for hire"shop workers who want to buy more clothes Miss Christiansen. At length, worryingly pale and breathless from the exertion of running and climbing the stairs, the enfant terrible devenu monstre sacré arrives and is a prince of hospitality, affectionate, simple, and genuinely moved.S.'s act of attention. Stravinsky's diary for 1975 records dreams, one of them, while we were in Venice, about being "happy together with Igor but his absence was still an emotional bomb crater in her life. Congratulations, Stravinsky." Happening to read this testimonial,. Letter from Auden in Forio d'Ischia: Dear Bob, I was so sorry to miss you all after the performance on Thursday to say au revoir, but you seemed to have disappeared. Nabokov is droll about Auden's difficulties in India finding drink and in suffering through female dance entertainments. I suspect a deep escortmän homo västerås knullkompi romantic temperament beneath the capping of froideur being shown to me, but a de-brainwashing would be necessary to prove it; which, come to think of it, could be an agreeable assignment. By a noise that. A great deal of gesticulation on his part in the direction of the instrument panel is answered by a corresponding amount of ambiguous shrugging and head-shaking on mine, my mechanical aptitude being such that I can hardly tell the. Stayed with Diaghilev during Holy Week 1921, we buy mohair scarves and walk by the Guadalquivir and through balconied streets. For the moment I have a medieval anthem in the works, one of those things.

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  1. On the Korean War: "My friend at the UN tells me that China never wanted to arrange a peace and is having the time of its life killing American imperialists." At the San Diego Museum of Art, Alfred Frankfurter.

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